21 November 2016

Make, Do, Learn...tying literacy to making one project at a time

This year, literacy and creativity are initiatives that are key components of our school district's plan for success.  After attending a wonderful STEM institute hosted by the US Patent and Trademark Office this past summer, I purposed it in my heart that I would incorporate making and innovation with my students. I was inspired by the projects that we had a chance to create--being shown ways to add creativity into my classroom inexpensively was a wonderful eye-opening experience.  I also loved hearing from the Nation of Makers, David Cole and Ann Mayoral and others who encouraged me to challenge the status quo and think of ways to create possibilities for my students.  So far, we have been able to tie almost every project  to a book, learn new ways to create and have fun. I plan to make my list public and share our projects with the world :-).  I have to do a better job of utilizing social media. As a creative person -- who fervently wishes that drawing was a skill I possessed--it gives me goosebumps every time students ask if I am an art teacher!!