12 October 2016

Book fairs and kids :-)

Having been out of the media center for two years, I have been so pleasantly surprised at how much some things haven't changed ( I still LOVE books and kids!! book fairs, etc...) and how some things have changed  (MakerSpaces, Computer Science For Kids, STEM/STEAM initiatives).  I love the book fair--and setting it up this week with the students, helped me to remember why.  Watching them shop with their own money is an experience.  They become so empowered by making their decisions. When members of the UGA Women's Basketball Team came in to help yesterday, they, too, talked about having fond memories of visiting the book fair.   Thank you, ladies, for your service. You really made our day yesterday!  #DawgsGiveBack #RunAsOne  #scholasticbookfair