21 November 2016

Make, Do, Learn...tying literacy to making one project at a time

This year, literacy and creativity are initiatives that are key components of our school district's plan for success.  After attending a wonderful STEM institute hosted by the US Patent and Trademark Office this past summer, I purposed it in my heart that I would incorporate making and innovation with my students. I was inspired by the projects that we had a chance to create--being shown ways to add creativity into my classroom inexpensively was a wonderful eye-opening experience.  I also loved hearing from the Nation of Makers, David Cole and Ann Mayoral and others who encouraged me to challenge the status quo and think of ways to create possibilities for my students.  So far, we have been able to tie almost every project  to a book, learn new ways to create and have fun. I plan to make my list public and share our projects with the world :-).  I have to do a better job of utilizing social media. As a creative person -- who fervently wishes that drawing was a skill I possessed--it gives me goosebumps every time students ask if I am an art teacher!!

12 October 2016

Book fairs and kids :-)

Having been out of the media center for two years, I have been so pleasantly surprised at how much some things haven't changed ( I still LOVE books and kids!! book fairs, etc...) and how some things have changed  (MakerSpaces, Computer Science For Kids, STEM/STEAM initiatives).  I love the book fair--and setting it up this week with the students, helped me to remember why.  Watching them shop with their own money is an experience.  They become so empowered by making their decisions. When members of the UGA Women's Basketball Team came in to help yesterday, they, too, talked about having fond memories of visiting the book fair.   Thank you, ladies, for your service. You really made our day yesterday!  #DawgsGiveBack #RunAsOne  #scholasticbookfair


15 September 2016

I can't believe that it is September 15th....Time has certainly flown.  I have been fully engaged in working with students and had to make myself stop for a moment to reflect.  This year, our major initiatives include literacy, making and computer science. Stay tuned for updates, pictures and progress.


15 May 2016

Second Grade Poetry 2016

Our second grade students have been learning about poetry for the past several weeks. We learned about shape poems, acrostics, list poems, and haikus. Students wrote several poems of their own during the library visits. Then, I asked each student to choose just one poem to share. They edited, revised, and illustrated their poems. Next, I recorded each student reading his/her poem using my iPhone. And finally, I put together a video for each class. The following videos are of Ms. Allen's and Mrs. Buffington's classes. Needless to say, I'm very proud of their hard work. There are two more classes coming, so stay tuned.