26 January 2015

What is YOUR dream?

Last week, students in K-2 learned about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during their trip to the library. We've been practicing how to make videos on Flipgrid for the past two weeks, so I was interested to see how the students did when they were given more flexibility in how to respond. They didn't have to remember to mention the title of a book this time, which was a relief for lots of students. 

We began our lesson by exploring the PebbleGo article on Dr. King. We listened to the computer read the article, pausing to have discussions at several points. We talked about what segregation means and what does it mean to march for a cause.

After learning some facts about Dr. King, we watched a two minute excerpt of his I Have a Dream speech. We paused the video a few times to talk about Dr. King's dream for the future. 

Then, students chose from three options on Flipgrid. The choices were:
  1. What did you learn about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?
  2. Why is Dr. King's dream still important today?
  3. What is your dream?
We talked about the difference between a dream you have a night and a dream you have for the future. I was hoping to avoid videos about swimming pools full of ice-cream or monsters that chase you in the night. There are lots of great videos already posted and I hope there will be others added in the coming weeks, as we celebrate Black History Month. 

Here are a few highlights:


Take a moment to watch the rest of the videos and if you see one you like, click the heart at the bottom of the video. 

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