19 January 2015

Using Flipgrid for Book Responses

I'm loving that Flipgrid now allows the creation of video questions. The addition of this feature has made it a lot easier for younger students to successfully use the app. We've been making some video responses in the library for the past two weeks. I give the students four options.

  1. What is a question you have about our book?
  2. What is something you learned in our book?
  3. What was your favorite part of the book?
  4. What is a connection you have?
I ask them to be sure to mention the name of the book and to not stick out their tongue when they take their picture. Other than that, I just wanted students to become comfortable using the app. There are several steps in creating a video, but even our Kindergarten students were able to post a video independently. 

You can view all the responses at flipgrid.com/#hbsbkrsp, but here are some highlights:


It's clear that we need to work on adding more substance and references to the text, but our goal these past two weeks was to master the steps in using the app and we were definitely successful in that.

I've had success in the past having students interview one another for video responses. I might try that again soon. It means only half of the class is speaking at one time and it also helps students remember everything they need to say. 

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