10 November 2014

Postcard Project: Connecting 39 Schools in the U.S., Canada, Indonesia, and Australia

Last year, we participated in the Postcard Exchange Program, a pen pal network created by Melissa Schur. We connected with 20 schools in 15 states across the country. In the process, we learned a lot about the other states, practiced some letter writing skills, and even participated in our first Mystery Skype. This year, it looks to be bigger and better.

There are 39 schools from the U.S., Canada, Indonesia, and Australia participating in this year's postcard exchange. And we've already received postcards from seven schools! We're just getting started and we need to hurry for our friends in Indonesia and Australia; they'll soon be getting out for their summer break! Fourteen classes at Stroud, from kindergarten to fifth grade, are taking part in the program. I created a lesson menu from which teachers can choose from a variety of lessons. I'll use this document to track the classes and keep up with who is doing what.

Some classes started brainstorming about their letters during their last visit to the library. Some students used books about Georgia to help decide what we wanted to share with our pen pals; other students thought of questions we wanted to ask. We'll work on composing the letter on our next visit. My goal is to get all of our letters sent out before the end of November. But that won't be the end of the postcard project, not by a long shot. Classes at Stroud have the option of connecting with multiple schools, either in exchanging postcards or through Mystery Skype sessions. We'll be learning map skills by plotting all the schools on a map. We'll use online tools to do research on our pen pals. For some classes, I'm sure this will be a project we're involved in until the end of the school year. 

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