29 November 2014

Book Review: How to Be by Lisa Brown

I found this book at Blue Bicycle Books in Charleston, South Carolina, which is a lovely little book shop. If you're ever in Charleston, you should definitely pay it a visit. The beautiful cover caught my attention and after reading it, I knew I had to buy it. The illustrations were awesome, the message was positive, the text was great for beginning readers, and it featured a big sister and a little brother (my daughter is four and my son is three). Yeah, I had to buy it. 

How to Be by Lisa Brown is an adorable book about positive character traits. Readers will love reading about how to be a monkey (you have to eat with your toes) and all the other animals. The writing is simple and repetitive, which my kids loved. On the second reading, they enjoyed reading along with me. But there's plenty of opportunities to talk about vocabulary. What does it mean to be curious? What does it mean to be creative? We had a good discussion about each trait and how they show them all the time.

The book closes with a short lesson on how to be a person. Borrowing traits from the animals in the book, the author lists six important character traits the reader should build, but the best advice comes on the final page. After reading the book, you might have a discussion with your students about other positive character traits. Can students think of an animal that illustrates that behavior? Break out the crayons and add your own section to the book.

If your school has a character education program, this book should definitely be part of it. Kindergarten and first grade students are sure to love it. My three-year-old had it partly memorized after two nights of hearing it as a bedtime story. I caught him the next day sitting in his bed reading it to himself. 

☆ (Money Back Guarantee)

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