20 September 2014

3D Printing Shapes

Last week, students in kindergarten, first, and second grades did lessons on two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. We made a list of 2D and 3D shapes that we knew, then used Cubify Draw and Blokify to draw as many of them as we could. Each of these apps allow users to design a 3D model and export it to a 3D printer. 

It was awesome to watch how quickly the students learned how to use the apps and started discovering tricks and pushing the boundaries of what these apps are designed to do. Many students chose to draw more complicated shapes after finishing the shapes we were learning about. 

This was the first exposure to our 3D printer for the younger grades. The students were fascinated as they watched shapes slowly materialize before their eyes. Many students took to combining printed shapes to create new shapes (another standard we weren't even technically addressing last week). We're looking forward to utilizing our 3D printer for more lessons throughout the year. 

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