17 August 2014

Book Review: The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers

I'm a big fan of Oliver Jeffers. This week I came across one of his books that was new to me. It's called The Heart and the Bottle and, of course, it's awesome. The illustrations, like always, are just amazing. I didn't know anything about the book before I started reading it to my kids at bedtime (not a good idea, in general). And so I didn't know there was a going to be a sucker punch to the feels. 

The Heart and the Bottle is a tale of love and loss and grief. It tells a common and heartbreaking story in a beautiful and easily understandable way. My kids didn't ask any questions about it, but even with a literal interpretation of the book, they enjoyed it. They didn't even ask how the girl lived with her heart inside a bottle. I guess they were pretty sleepy.

If you're a fan of Jeffers, you'll definitely like this one. And if you're looking for a way to introduce the topic of death to young children, this book would be a great way to do so. 

My rating: ☆ (Money Back Guarantee)

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