18 December 2013

Postcard Project: Connecting 20 Schools in 15 States

A few weeks ago, I saw a tweet from @uwlalum about a postcard exchange program. After clicking through, I decided it would be a good project for us to do, so I signed us up. There ended up being a total of 20 schools in 15 states across the country. 

Third, fourth, and fifth grade students are participating in the project. We started with a design contest. All students in grades 3-5 were allowed to submit an entry and each class narrowed down their entries to their two favorites. Here's a link to all the finalists: http://stroudpostcards.blogspot.com

I sent out a form to our teachers and had each class K-5 vote for their favorite design. We ended up with one winner from 3rd grade, one from 4th grade, and one from 5th grade. Here are the winners:

3rd Grade - Shakayla 
4th Grade - Hannah
5th Grade - Brianna & Miracle
We'll print these out and use them as the postcards we send to our pen pals. The next step is to start writing our messages to include on the postcard; we'll do that in January. Each classroom drew school names out of a cup. We have ten classes participating in the project, so each classroom will exchange postcards with two schools. Every class was really excited about getting the Hawaiian school, but it was actually the very last class that finally pulled them out of the cup. 

Here's a map showing all the schools participating in our project:

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