02 December 2013

Book Review: Big Plans by Bob Shea

After committing a long list of shenanigans, the main character in Bob Shea's Big Plans has some time on his hands. Instead of sulking, sleeping, or doing the work he was no doubt asked to complete while sitting in time out, the student spends his time coming up with some plans, some BIG plans. Students will love the silly plot, the awesome illustrations by Lane Smith, and the repetitive nature of the text. If they're like my students, they'll love jumping in with all the "...BIG plans I say!" parts.

This is a great book to introduce a lesson on observing what surrounds us in our everyday lives. After reading about the main character's big plans, ask students to look at their surroundings and find inspiration for a character, a setting, or a problem. Challenge students to incorporate their observations into a story.

Another way to use this fun-to-read book about outlandish plans is to talk to students about their own plans for the week, for the year, or for anything really. Talk about setting goals. And like the character in the book, encourage students to aim for the moon!

No matter how you use it, you'll love reading this delightfully fun book about a young boy, a mynah bird, the president of the United States, and a mission to the moon. 

☆ (Money Back Guarantee)


  1. No doubt, one of my all time favorites! :)

    1. And to think I might never have heard of it if it weren't for you. Give me some more great book recommendations, Angie!