05 September 2013

Picture Books: To Dewey or Not to Dewey, That is the Question

Our library is nearly Dewey-free. Our chapter books are in sections based on genre and our nonfiction section has been reorganized. But what to do with picture books? I've been thinking about that question for quite a while now (years actually). 

One alternative to having our picture books arranged by the author's last name is to put them in sections based on genre, like we did with our chapter books. But I'm just not sure it'd be that simple. Are there other alternatives I'm just not thinking about? What do YOU think? 

I've been referring to our new system of classification as "The Bookstore Model," and if you think about bookstores, their picture books are arranged by the author's last name too. Is there a better way? Dividing picture books up into genre based categories may be the answer, but perhaps the genres are just different. Instead of having funny, historical fiction, mystery, scifi/fantasy, scary, and adventure like we do for our chapter books, maybe picture books would have genres like superhero, spooky, funny, and.... What else am I missing?

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